Tips to be a more
Responsible Traveler

Learn about the culture before departure.
“Be tolerant and respect diversity – observe social and cultural traditions and practices.

Support the local economy, purchase locally made goods
Opt for locally made handicrafts instead of mass-produced magnets, mugs or keychains. When bartering for goods, consider fair pricing rather than a “good deal.” Compare prices around town before purchasing.

Think Green.
Don’t leave lights on in your hotel room, don’t leave water running and take public transport whenever possible. Resist the urge to take seashells or sand from the beach or leaves from the forest.

Use less plastic
Cut back on your consumption of plastic water bottles. In destinations where the tap water is not drinkable, consider buying large jugs of water and splitting with a group or purchasing a water sterilization tool.

Leave no trace.
Don’t carve your name into anything. Don’t leave love locks. Don’t litter. There should be no physical evidence that you were there.

When packing your bags, leave unnecessary packaging at home.
You may not be able to recycle certain materials in other parts of the world.

Think twice about interacting with wildlife.
Check out the World Animal Protection’s guide to an animal-friendly holiday for more information on what to look for in wildlife attractions.

Ask for permission before taking photos of people
As a rule of thumb, make sure to ask permission before taking a photo, and if you get a no as an answer, say ok and politely walk away.

Learn the basics of local language
Always make a bit of an effort to learn the very basics of the language of the country you are visiting. Even saying things such as hello, thank you, please goes a long way, and the locals will appreciate your efforts.

Don’t give money to beggars
Giving money to beggars may only encourage more people to ask tourists for money. Remember that there often is a network of exploitation even behind beggars.

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